Meeting with a Gambler

It was very late night and after doing my homework I was feeling so tired. I logged in to QQ just to meet some new Chinese friends or may be old ones were online.

Yes, someone was online, and that was number 1. I asked him several times that why he awoke at that late hours at night but he never replied. He always said that he was very busy in his work. His job is very tough. I said, ” You must tell me your job today, Mr. Number 1.” “I am a computer data entry operator”, said he.

After a few minutes he said, “Do you know Bill Gates?” “or did you ever played Ali Baba?” I said, “You are insane Number 1.” It was almost 2 am in China and he was remembering Bill Gates and Ali Baba. I said he must went to bed, he was not in his senses.

He told me that he was playing football. I was shocked,”2 am at night you are playing football Number 1?”

“Yes. I am playing football at computer. I am a Gambler. Now tell me what do you think about me. Am I a good boy?” said he.


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韩瑞雅 Han Rui Ya

Loves learning, reading, writing and teaching.

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