A Leaf

A Leaf by Hán Ruì Yǎ

Once I was green and shining,
hanging on my father’s boughs,
with all my siblings around.

when we scent in spring,
colorful fragrant flowers,
fresh and fleshy fruits,
with chirping birds surround,
made my family fascinating.

under my family’s cool shadow,
in evenings children sing rhymes,
shouting with joy and swing around.

teacher teach in  mornings,
while wanderers sleep in afternoons.
and when the moon peeps from clouds,
a poet paints his poems,
lovers meet at nights,
so stars sparkle the sky.

then time travels as fast,
a storm blows from afar,
and dawn changed into dusk,
where season make us bleak,
and we are standing in dark.

all of us are soaring so high,
scattered here and there,
pale yellow and brown,
dry with crackling sounds.

politicians assemble there,
to intrigue their deceptive plots,
which burn our beauty and bloom,
and snatch the innocent smiles.

i am alone and dead,
when trembling with terror
my heart aches,
my soul strolls on graves,
of whom once sat under THAT TREE,
now sleeping deep into its soil.


P.S.: Submitted for the http://allpoetry.com contest; theme “the sad and the beautiful.”

Two prompts given: prompt no.1 the sad and the beautiful

prompt no.2: death, music, humiliation, soul, the moon, teaching, literature, and politics.


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韩瑞雅 Han Rui Ya

Loves learning, reading, writing and teaching.

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