One and I

I waited in a queue for about 12 hours to get a ticket for QQ flotilla. I had a long desire to visit China, the land of hope and glory.

The ship started its journey at some unknown time towards the East. It traveled with some unpredictable speed and anchored at various harbors for few moments. Throughout the journey I met several passersby, sellers, buyers and wanderers displaying their concerns.

It was spring season and the weather was nice. Cool breeze refreshing my mind, white seagulls and other birds are flying and diving in the sea. There were numerous lovely sea creatures swimming along the ship; the sight was captivating.

After a few hours the flotilla stopped at Guangzhou harbor. The captain announced that we stopped here for some hours, which were quite enough for me to stroll down the streets. I managed to get out of the ship and started my excursion at once, I did not want to waste a single moment to capture every single moment. Light drizzle had started which made the whole scene more exotic. I stopped at a small restaurant to have dumplings.

I resumed my walk again. After an hour I entered a small town, so alluring as I ever seen. Flowers were blooming everywhere with their sweet aroma around while drizzling made the scene more alluring. I sat under a green tree with several birds chirping around, as if I was in a dream. There were cattle grazing on the lush garden land; I was absorbing the spectacular view. I saw from a great distance that someone was running very fast towards me. Firstly, I was afraid; but after some time I realized it was a boy wearing tracksuit. After a few seconds he reached and sat besides me. I asked his name.

“Number One.” said he.

I: What do you do?

He: “Work”

I: Which work?

He: “Play.”

I: Play? What does it mean? You play what?

He: Oh you do not understand.

I: Okay. Tell me about yourself. Do you study?

He. No.

I: What is your hobby?

He: “Running.”

He brought me a cup of coffee twice. I did not know how much time we spent together knowing each others’ views, beliefs and interests. He told me about the city as if I was wandering with him on the trails. At that moment the drizzling stopped and the sun had appeared with its bright smile and everything sparkled as diamonds. It was lovely.

He: “I want to be a winner of this world and want to win everything. But the day when I win you I will be a true winner.”

I: You are insane. Well, when do we meet again?

He: anytime. (smiling)

At once his smile disappeared and his face became bleak. He stood and started moving. I asked him what happened but he did not reply. He was running then. I ran after him. Calling and shouting. But he did not turn his back and running as fast as he came.

I: I am waiting.

He: (stopped at very far distance) “I am sorry. don’t wait for me.”

I: What are you doing? Where are you going? What happened? At least say good bye, to sooth my heart.

But he did not listen.

Suddenly, the flowers withered, birds flew away I did not know where, sun disappeared, clouds roared, lightening boomed with thunder storm and heavy rain started. I was crying; my heart wept and lament. That day the sky was also sobbing and accompanied me in my moaning.

I started moving towards the harbor. I reached the ship and sit at the corner; crying.

He played very well. I only wanted to ask him, “Why?”


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韩瑞雅 Han Rui Ya

Loves learning, reading, writing and teaching.

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