Guest Post- Living in the Language Silently by Hán Ruì yà

Thank you Aman my friend. This is my first guest blog. : )

If you guys remember that last year, last month, I informed about the guest blogger program I’ll be hosting this year. If  you did not, check the link: Guest Blogger Program. In short: Each month, I’ll be publishing a post written & submitted by a fellow blogger. For more details, or if you are interested in becoming a part of it, click on the aforementioned link.

Living in the Language Silently

by Hán Ruì yà

Perhaps WIT says, we all are living under the net of language, these words always make me feel uncomfortable. While sitting in a park, watching chirping birds, flowing streams, floral fragrances, colorful blossoms, blue sky or walking along the waves at a seashore, silence is everywhere in my surroundings.

Once I asked myself, “Are these sea-waves silent?” Perhaps. But they are making sounds; these waves are communicating with me; they are attracting me… silently.

I have…

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