Rest is my response to this week’s WOLF PUBLISHING challenge. 

Thanks to MV Blake for this photograph. It is a graphic of the damaging effects of a 1-Megaton nuclear bomb.

”Mama I am going, will be back in hour or two.”

I was going to meet Maya, we had decided to spend some time together at the lake because after a very long time the weather was so charming and cloudy. Dad was in the farm with Tom as usual, milking cows.

The sun was planning to set here and rise somewhere else. The cool breeze filled with the scent of magnolias, sparrows were singing the farewell songs and children were winding-up their sports. I was strolling down the trail between the rose bushes glowing with vibrant colors.

I sat under an apple tree to await my friend. The sun was descending in the lake and


I open my eyes, sit, stand and left my bleeding body.

I can see my face becoming black and red. I glide through the wind back to my home. Oh! Maya’s body is lying just a few feet away and not different from me. I speed up my glide. ”Dear God! What has happened here?” There is no house left, some are still sputtering ablaze, and so many sooty bleeding bodies are scattered far and wide, smoke and dead silence.

”Mama. Dad. Can you hear me?”

Everyone is floating in different directions, I have seen Tom but he is in such a hurry, I think he is also searching his family. ”To whom I ask about my parents?” I sigh. I have lost Maya too, what can I do? I think I must go towards the river bank because Mama will definitely come there at the break of the dawn.

For my surprise, the river bank is overloaded with the detritus, I still do not understand what has happened here. The water is lifeless and murky. How the view has changed? My ruined village; everyone has gone to nowhere. I remember I heard a blast, but then what happened?

Ah! I am too tired now. I descend to the earth, lay on the debris, waiting for my parents to rest.

© 韩瑞雅 Hán Ruì Yǎ


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