A twinkle blasts with a howling roar,
Diffusing glimmers as a dancing ****,
Sizzling with the freezing dust,
Flaring globule yelling in disgust.

Here is the macrocosm bellowing,
Infernos seducing so waters splashing.
Sputtering fire works contrive vigorous effects,
Azure creeks murmur, fidgeting erects.

Rattling frigid hails need beelines,
Glide in spurting springs spine intertwines.
Diamonds crackle in thundering ocean blue,
Blues are fluttering over sierra dew.

Sultry heavens enchant to beguile,
Roaring desires floundering to wile.
Crimson fervid diversions insolent enough,
Wanton covets when slashes sough.

Mingling sapphires in fleshly dirt,
Glimmers bouncing coo with every hurt.
Rising chalky peaks slosh soft as snow,
Celestial thundering warms boom and glow.

My first abstract poem.


Published by

韩瑞雅 Han Rui Ya

Loves learning, reading, writing and teaching.

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