airy flowers illuminate the land: a sonnet

This is my first English or Shakespearean Sonnet. I am thankful to Michael Fantina who taught me to write it.

Airy flowers illuminate the land,
Possumhaw timbers with bloodshot berries,
An oak couch with booze is indeed so grand,
On your tandem soon we’ll see the fairies.
The flaming sun waits in a beryl sky,
And sweet soft clouds yearning to douse me in.
Your frail fence is fruitless and makes you cry,
Release me now and let my life begin.

Come with me now, take the seductive ride,
Let’s drink a philter from a moving spring,
Taste cool breezing waves, prudence untied,
Bite ripe red apples, flavor makes us swing.
Ramble on lush gardens luring, carnal,
Our journey delicious and eternal.


Published by

韩瑞雅 Han Rui Ya

Loves learning, reading, writing and teaching.

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