This week’s WOLF PUBLISHING writing challenge.

A nebulous decree in celebration.

In the morning before it dawns,
Sitting at the shore of Cyprus,
Remembering those creative desires,
A Morning Star glimmers the sky.

When Sun glitters all surrounding blues,
Foam emerges in the ocean’s middle,
Shimmering beauty arises so pure,
Garlands grace her head seductive.

Swans flying around this charming,
She holds cithara to lure her lovers,
Stepping into the Garden of Love,
She turns to me and eyed passionately.

I run to catch my beauty hurriedly,
Air is sensual with the scent of desires,
She is no where but her wreath and cithara,
Again I am standing alone in agony.

© 韩瑞雅 Han Rui Ya


Published by

韩瑞雅 Han Rui Ya

Loves learning, reading, writing and teaching.

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