Wine am I, or the bowl where it doth lie?
Pearl, or the bosom it is treasured by?
I scan my heart, and this is all I see:
One thing my soul is, and another I.

after completing my masters in journalism and English literature i did jobs but i quit some and some quit me. i cannot run with the time and also do not allow time to take control over me. i have never satisfied with the life which i am leading, don’t know why but i always feel a void within. to make myself alive i participate in different MOOCs off and on but mostly left unfinished

life is a heavy boulder for me; a punishment which Sisyphus is facing for years. he is a super hero because he achieves his target everyday and reaches at the peak with that heavy boulder but i am still trying to hold it.

i love philosophy and fond of learning languages and know a little French and Spanish. these days i am learning Chinese language.

in the beginning i was filled with some amazement as well as some furry because Chinese was considered to be the most difficult language of the world.

but after some time i realize that it is the language of melodies; different tones combine together to make a meaningful word. now i am living in this melodious world and it is very difficult for me to come out; i feel as if chords of my heart are making rhythms.

and this blog? Oh. i never thought seriously about this “about” page and blog too. i started it for fun perhaps or you may say just to make some change in my life. i love to read and write, though I don’t know how to write. : ) it is a big surprise for me when you and all my fellow bloggers read my posts and like them. i thank you all who read and who do not read and who like and who do not like my work. you all are great. 🙂


a crammed street
I standing alone
all rushing forward
I fixed as stone.
they run short of time
a moment heavy for me
they pass a life
life passes me.
韩瑞雅 (Han Rui Ya)

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