History was etched in the bones of the city. Photo credit Sonny Spencer

I ask Life, ‘’Tell me Your Reality.’’
He asks, ‘’Come along with me’’;
We enter my childhood pathways
Where now deathly silence abode.
With aching heart I search
Our dancing footprints, but
Wiped away by the tides of time,
Those poems lost in season’s dirt
Our giggles parched in scorching sun,
Gusts whisper here silence dwells
Since long, what I want to discover;
I turn towards life in terror,
He says, ‘’This is My Reality.’’

© 韩瑞雅 Han Rui Ya



My blushing

comfy you

in your dull

picture in 10 words¬



Making impressions on
The soft sparkling shore,
To embrace these silky tides
I stride into the waves
To kiss
These vigorous nacres,
Maneuvering on and on
Cuddling with influxes,
Immersing self in fathomless
Waters, revitalizing this heart
Margarites and corals, perceiving
Gorgeous gigantic critter,
Unknowing his venomous moves
To embrace this handsome scavenger,
Freeing my arms in abyssal
He leaps forward as flash,
Cling this soul tightly,
And suck me to
Eternal rest.

© 韩瑞雅 Hán Ruì Yǎ


Crushed is my expression for the UInk pop-up art/poetry contest. If you like it, please click here and vote!!!


A delicate bloodless canvas,

Sparkling innocence, untouched unstained,

Mirthless brine, bereft and bleak.

A mournful ocean

One finds sincere and serene.


An affectionate lusty blanket,

Covers her wholeness,

Roseate body glimmers

Under his gentle touch,

Blushing her rosy cheeks which

Arouse aflaming appetites.

Magnolias bloom in the vigor

Of her unconditional love,

Scarlet bittersweet feelings,

Searing and scalding.

Bubbly champagne making

Euphoria feminine.

This talkative primrose

Making him impulsive, impatient.


Incandescent she

Unaware of

Egoistical he.

Her dandelion love

Parched in a sizzling dessert,

Smoking crimson

Thumping flesh,

Squishes when

He leaves.

P.S. This is a copyright picture; provided for the inspiration.

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how gentle is her severity

that her acerbic ways

gives him sweet smiles

in the frozen nights

to warm his spirit

prompt – austerity


Sleep. My writing challenge for the Wolf Publishing.

i can not sleep since long

this bustling city makes me fatigued

i come at the top to breath in wintry breeze

the blazing western sky is embracing the azure eastern sky

i look below

blue serene neat splashing waves are calling me

coming down instantly

softly warm and cool sand caresses my feet

haaah! a deep breath take i

relaxed perhaps am i

searching and picking

silver-white, yellow, pearls

my toes are in the refreshing water

golden, pink, pearls

my waist is in the chilly water

blue, black, pearls

my neck is in the frigid water

lavender, multicolored pearls,

so many colors, my hands and pockets are filled

i am in the freezing water

it grasps me

so cool with vibrant hues

corals i can see

i am calm now

i will sleep today



i want to melt with you

here right now

from the warmth

penetrating from these pains

so we become one


float with the cool breeze

in the sky

right above this world

NaPoMo Allpoetry, Day 2