Let us feel the flow!



Wonderful expressions which are floating on the waves of thoughts.

My Friday Blog

Weighed down by my own thoughts
The waters still rise
No hope of reaching air
Wishing I didn’t care

You float away from me
Leaving me to drown
In an ocean of you
An empty sea of blue

I should just let it go
So I can swim free
And find a distant shore
To live again once more

People leave all the time
Why can’t I accept
You didn’t want to be
Floating here beside me

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Missing you.

This is how the heart speaks.


I’m sitting here,
drinking beer, beer,
and more beer,
as I’m texting you,
I’m clueless,
about what to do,
I wish to tell you,
what’s on my mind,
I start to write,
but then I pause,
and hit rewind.

I start anew,
but then again,
my words restrain,
another sip,
my mind slips,
I wish you were,
here with me,
so that I,
could tell you why,
you occupy,
my heart and mind,
but then again,
I’d pause,
and hit rewind.

I don’t know why,
I even try,
to say out loud,
what stands between,
’cause I’m afraid,
we won’t survive,
this truth revealed,
so I decide,
to keep it sealed,
again and again.

Meanwhile I cracked,
another bottle,
you went away,
about an hour ago,
I’m still staring,
at the screen,
reading through your words,
again and again.

is what it says,
you had to go,
but I…

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Dusk Upon My Dreams

‘Truths” are very simple, but very difficult to find and adopt.

Richard M. Ankers - Author

Softer than feathers shed in morning mist,
She disrobed before the pooling moon.
Her skin, ebony tinted ghost,
Or ivory touched night,
Even the watching owls could not tell,
But I loved her as the dusk upon my dreams.
She slipped into the glasslike sea a fantasy in motion,
I waited for her to rise as a liquid Phoenix,
She did not.
The waters reclaimed her,
Night recalled her to some hidden Atlantis,
And like a thing of legend,
She was vanquished to the ether of my mind.
Did I dream her?
But even dreams are formed from the fabric of truths
And I had so many more to find.

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Abyss of Sadness

Because silence is better than words.


My this week’s Writing Challenge, an abstract poem, for WOLF PUBLISHING. 

Dirt Path

Spanking at the smutty subway,

Oozing tootsies cry to lay.

Howling ash puffs masking sky,

Sly rumbling tornado feels little shy.


Emerald savanna rustling in elation,

Adorned with citrine, butterflies jubilation.

Crimson thirsts lamenting dismal,

Inamorata warps in abysmal.


Turbid topiary cock in sly,

Artless dome spread with coy.

Alloying aqua and sand in heavens,

Befall a solitary soul in horizons.

A Poem | Your Soul is Your Own

charming soulful verses by MV Blake.