It is a day or night I don’t know,

I am walking along the sea shore since long,

with bare feet and bare hands.

Don’t know how much I have travelled,

perhaps the moments are freezed.

When I turned back, my foot prints are disappeared,

waves of the time bring them into the heart of a deep ocean,

from where no one can come back.

Like in a desert some soft cool breeze

bring all the marks quietly with her,

for . . . forever,

where all is dead,

but living in my soul.


I am You.

I am sitting in my window,

is it dawn or dusk? I don’t know,

absorbing scents of my garden, just to know You.

Birds are flying and chirping, roses dispersing their scents, colorful flowers make the scenery picturesque but still I do not know You.

Once Wit says that he knows what he has words for, but how is it possible;

because I know You but still . . . I do no know You.

I know the word Y-O-U, and I know that its You.

You and I just these two words I know. But why I can not understand You, I do not know.

because I do not know You. . . now I feel I am You. . .


7 am “Hello One. How are you?” asked I. “Wait. Just at work,” said he.

11 am “Hi One. How’s your work? Have you had tea or something to eat?” asked I. “Wait. Just coming,” said he.

3 pm “One, did you have your lunch on time? How’s everything going on?” said I “Wait. Telling you,” said he.

7 pm “One if you please pick me. I think we must go out for dinner tonight.” said I. “Wait. Tell you,” said he.

1 am “One do you have some time to talk or else you through your whole life to this gambling sport?” asked I. “Wait dear. Coming.” said he.

Meeting with a Gambler

It was very late night and after doing my homework I was feeling so tired. I logged in to QQ just to meet some new Chinese friends or may be old ones were online.

Yes, someone was online, and that was number 1. I asked him several times that why he awoke at that late hours at night but he never replied. He always said that he was very busy in his work. His job is very tough. I said, ” You must tell me your job today, Mr. Number 1.” “I am a computer data entry operator”, said he.

After a few minutes he said, “Do you know Bill Gates?” “or did you ever played Ali Baba?” I said, “You are insane Number 1.” It was almost 2 am in China and he was remembering Bill Gates and Ali Baba. I said he must went to bed, he was not in his senses.

He told me that he was playing football. I was shocked,”2 am at night you are playing football Number 1?”

“Yes. I am playing football at computer. I am a Gambler. Now tell me what do you think about me. Am I a good boy?” said he.

Visiting Beijing Hutong

Riding a bicycle on narrow lanes of beijing hutong was an unusual experience. It was so narrow that only a single person could cross it at a time.

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There were tricycle rickshaws everywhere, while crossing a narrow lane I stopped at an ajar door because someone singing inside. I knocked and entered; it was a wide yard surrounded by many rooms. My Chinese friend explained me that it was a typical Chinese structure of a house. During winters families gather in this front yard in the mornings to enjoy the sunlight.

Red color was prominent in all the wall hangings, it was such a wonderful experience to visit this place. My friend asked me then to visit a lake in hutong. There were many visitors, some elderly were busy in doing exercises while some were playing cards. We sat on a bench there and just absorbing the fresh air. I was dreaming if the time would stop and we could sit here for some more time.

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Mòlìhuā, Jasmine Flower, is a Chinese traditional folk song dates back to 18th century perhaps in 1763 during the Qing Dynasty when Empror Qinglong ruled the country.

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There are different versions of this song having different lyrics and melody. As I mentioned earlier that Chinese language is all about tones and melodies, so this song will prove it. Mòlìhuā is not only famous in China but all around the world. It was so fascinating for the whole class when our Tan Lao Shi [Lao Shi means teacher] sang Mòlìhuā in the class. This song is also used to teach Chinese language, so after Tan Lao Shi all of together sang this melodious song. You can also join us and enjoy.

Molihua Lyrics
Molihua Lyrics

Our first Confucius Institute Celebrations

There is a famous quote, “To acquire knowledge one must go to China if necessary.” But now one needs not to travel China because Confucius Institute Headquarters Hanban in partnership with Sichuan Normal University had established Confucius Institute at the University of Karachi.

CI is here for you to learn high class Chinese language in just four thousand rupees per semester. Now level-2 classes have successfully been started besides level-1 with over one hundred enrolments. This year CI had celebrated its 10th anniversary globally on 27th of September 2014 but in KU it was organized on 2nd of October 2014 due to the unsatisfied situation locally.

Honorable Ma Ya’ou Lao Shi, Counsel General, Chinese Consulate Karachi was the chief guest while Prof. Dr. Mohammad Qaiser was presiding the ceremony. The function started almost quarter an hour late without chief guest in the Arts Auditorium KU. School children sang different poems accompanied by piano which was a sweet treat for the audience before commencing the ceremony officially. The directors of the institute Prof. Dr. Mansoor Ahmed and Prof. Huang Guiping were delighted as they were ripping the fruit of one year hard labor.

Guiping Lao Shi played two documentaries; “Value in Harmony” was a very inspiring one; shooted from the eyes of a foreign traveler who was visiting China and CIs particularly. It displayed how CIs played a vital role in spreading Chinese culture and teaching Chinese language throughout the world not only in the US and European countries but in African world too.

The second documentary was a pictorial one showed the establishment of CI in KU, the journey started on 29th of November 2013 in the Governor House. Currently, there are almost 465 CIs in 124 countries around the globe and 124 CIs only in the US. The number shows that how western countries understand the importance of learning Chinese language because China rules almost 90% of the world’s economy. A Chinese proverb says,

“If you want one year of prosperity, plant corn. If you want ten years of prosperity, grow trees. If you want one hundred years of prosperity, educate people.” It is the time for Pakistanis to open their eyes and realize the need of learning not only European but also Oriental languages especially Chinese.

However, the chief guest Ma Ya’ou Lao Shi arrived at 11:20 am. After his arrival Tha’an Lao Shi, Mrs. Tan and students of level-2 sang Chinese songs; it was so enjoyable for us to see our seniors. Most of them were elderly otherwise they would sing in a more lively way; however, the efforts were appreciable. Tan Lao Shi played flute in a typical Chinese manner and received a loud applause. Moreover, students read ancient Chinese poems expressing emotions and also presented speeches in Chinese.

After these performances, honorable guests delivered their speeches. The director of CI at KU Guiping Lao Shi and Prof. Dr. Mansoor Ahmed presented the welcome notes. VC said that the Indus and Chinese civilizations flourished side by side and hence they have a unique status not only in the region but around the globe today. The Consul General said that after watching such lively performances he was remembering his student life. He said that this year China is celebrating 2,565th anniversary of philosopher Confucius. CI, KU and Sichuan Normal University are promoting language and culture in the region.

Additionally, he expressed his strong gratitude towards KU and wished for better future of Pak-Sino friendship. After speeches; certificates, gold-medals and scholarships were distributed among the successful students. Almost sixty students had passed level-1 examination in morning, evening and online sessions respectively. Those stood first received US$ 800 each, second US $ 500 each and third US $ 100 each. Most important aspect was that no student had gone bare handed. It was for their encouragement to join next levels but also for us to take interest in the language and for others to join the course. Before a short tea-break shields were also presented to the chief guest, VC, registrar, directors and professors of the institute while teachers Wang Yu Qing Lao Shi and Li Fu Jun Lao Shi received gold-medals and certificates.

After the interval, function resumes in a friendlier atmosphere as the honorable guests had gone. Prof. Tha’an and his students presented a Chinese class room skit; others sang Chinese songs dedicated to Prof. Tha’an and Mr. Li. Meanwhile, a slide-show of the summer camp students, visited China was a fresh breeze; all of us had desperately waiting for our turn.

In the end, summer camp students along with the directors and staff of the CI sang the famous

PakCheen dosti wang woye”,

and National Anthems of Pakistan and China; than the lunch was served.

Hence, it was a small but decent ceremony. Hopefully in the next few years we will able to celebrate CI anniversaries in a grandeur way with high class Chinese performances by Pakistani students.

Now let us enjoy this melody today.