Summer swelters. Photo credit Sonny Spencer.

When the west wind whispers,
Winters become weaker,
Dewdrops desires,
Strings in pleasures.

Hailing high laughters,
Lusty in natures,
Lush green giggles,
Glistening with waters.

Lovely large lagoons,
Glowing oomph in fumes,
Chilly blazing breeze,
Offers silky soft feast.

© 韩瑞雅 Han Rui Ya



Making impressions on
The soft sparkling shore,
To embrace these silky tides
I stride into the waves
To kiss
These vigorous nacres,
Maneuvering on and on
Cuddling with influxes,
Immersing self in fathomless
Waters, revitalizing this heart
Margarites and corals, perceiving
Gorgeous gigantic critter,
Unknowing his venomous moves
To embrace this handsome scavenger,
Freeing my arms in abyssal
He leaps forward as flash,
Cling this soul tightly,
And suck me to
Eternal rest.

© 韩瑞雅 Hán Ruì Yǎ


My this week’s Writing Challenge, an abstract poem, for WOLF PUBLISHING. 

Dirt Path

Spanking at the smutty subway,

Oozing tootsies cry to lay.

Howling ash puffs masking sky,

Sly rumbling tornado feels little shy.


Emerald savanna rustling in elation,

Adorned with citrine, butterflies jubilation.

Crimson thirsts lamenting dismal,

Inamorata warps in abysmal.


Turbid topiary cock in sly,

Artless dome spread with coy.

Alloying aqua and sand in heavens,

Befall a solitary soul in horizons.


A twinkle blasts with a howling roar,
Diffusing glimmers as a dancing ****,
Sizzling with the freezing dust,
Flaring globule yelling in disgust.

Here is the macrocosm bellowing,
Infernos seducing so waters splashing.
Sputtering fire works contrive vigorous effects,
Azure creeks murmur, fidgeting erects.

Rattling frigid hails need beelines,
Glide in spurting springs spine intertwines.
Diamonds crackle in thundering ocean blue,
Blues are fluttering over sierra dew.

Sultry heavens enchant to beguile,
Roaring desires floundering to wile.
Crimson fervid diversions insolent enough,
Wanton covets when slashes sough.

Mingling sapphires in fleshly dirt,
Glimmers bouncing coo with every hurt.
Rising chalky peaks slosh soft as snow,
Celestial thundering warms boom and glow.

My first abstract poem.