A sonnet composed on our love’s grave.

O, look at this blooming red apple tree,
Pleasant green boughs dancing with singing bird,
Lush grass, sparkling creek and our soul swirls free,
In starry nights, united our hearts purred.
We sow its seed as token of our love,
Alone, I visit this cemetery,
European garlands waving above,
Shed my tears, watering sweet memory.

Ah! creamy butterfly sucking nectar,
One apple flower wavers with the breeze,
Clouds whisper, gentle rain starts with fervor,
Sky with surroundings sob, all spirits squeeze.
Scents of red wreaths some fresh others decay,
I long to see you here again one day.

© 韩瑞雅 Han Rui Ya



Your acerbic words
Piercing my heart
Acutely and cut
It into pieces.

At barbed fence of love,
This tangled soul
If moves;
Sharp ahead,
Biting backwards,
Writhe in agony.

© 韩瑞雅 Hán Ruì Yǎ

Astringent in 29 words ¬


Oh, you come again,
Standing alone at this shore
Throwing prickly stones
One after another
Just to see these ripples, or
Hear this splash,
and enjoy as a child.

But can you feel the wounds
these pricks make?
how they carve in my soul
and bleed?

Surely, NOT.
You can only stand at this shallow beach,
You dare not to jump in these waters.
Your hands deserve thorny stones,
Soft oceans beds and
The treasures beneath, are
Not for you.

What do you think,
These prickly stones are
Buried in my depths;
They are rolling still,
Mutilating this spirit.

I invite you to come daily and
throw these prickly stones,
to make your hands bleed.

© 韩瑞雅 Hán Ruì Yǎ


Making impressions on
The soft sparkling shore,
To embrace these silky tides
I stride into the waves
To kiss
These vigorous nacres,
Maneuvering on and on
Cuddling with influxes,
Immersing self in fathomless
Waters, revitalizing this heart
Margarites and corals, perceiving
Gorgeous gigantic critter,
Unknowing his venomous moves
To embrace this handsome scavenger,
Freeing my arms in abyssal
He leaps forward as flash,
Cling this soul tightly,
And suck me to
Eternal rest.

© 韩瑞雅 Hán Ruì Yǎ

I Want My Heart Back

I also want my heart back.


Crushed is my expression for the UInk pop-up art/poetry contest. If you like it, please click here and vote!!!


A delicate bloodless canvas,

Sparkling innocence, untouched unstained,

Mirthless brine, bereft and bleak.

A mournful ocean

One finds sincere and serene.


An affectionate lusty blanket,

Covers her wholeness,

Roseate body glimmers

Under his gentle touch,

Blushing her rosy cheeks which

Arouse aflaming appetites.

Magnolias bloom in the vigor

Of her unconditional love,

Scarlet bittersweet feelings,

Searing and scalding.

Bubbly champagne making

Euphoria feminine.

This talkative primrose

Making him impulsive, impatient.


Incandescent she

Unaware of

Egoistical he.

Her dandelion love

Parched in a sizzling dessert,

Smoking crimson

Thumping flesh,

Squishes when

He leaves.

P.S. This is a copyright picture; provided for the inspiration.

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Weekly writing challenge for WOLF PUBLISHING.

Trails of Lava

An ignited lump thumping inside,
Boiling in rage to burst outside.
Aflaming desires flowing in creeks,
Between those artless soft peaks.

Mumble and rumble rebellious hunger,
Burn and glow in fiery thunder.
As hot as a furnace,
Melt you in your feverishness.

© 韩瑞雅 Hán Ruì Yǎ